Anonymous Tip Line

The Sanford Police Department has an Anonymous Tip Line (324-9170 Extension 4) that anyone can call to report suspicious activity, loud parties or any criminal behavior that you don't want in your neighborhood. As a note the tip line is not checked every hour and if the police are busy that night your issue might wait until the next day. You can also call dispatch if there is a need for immediate attention, you do not have to give your name and address when calling. As always, if you have an emergency, please call 911.

Lets all work together to make all of our properties safer for our families!

Submit a Work Order

The Maintenance Department consists of six full time and two part-time employees. The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining fourteen properties and two hundred eighty apartments. Annually, the Maintenance Department handles approximately 100 unit-turnovers and 1,000 work order requests as well as ground maintenance, janitorial service, capital improvements and inspections. The Maintenance Department can only perform repairs to properties owned and managed by Sanford Housing Authority. Private apartments or Section-8 units need to contact their building manager or landlord for repairs or maintenance.

Work Orders are required for any work to be performed in or around your apartment. Work Orders are categorized in the following manner and prioritized in order of need:

  • Emergency – Immediate action required (eg. Major water leak, fire, no heat in winter, clogged toilet when no 2nd or public bathroom exists, smell of gas or smoke, lock outs ect.)
  • Urgent – Work completed within 24hrs (eg. Small leak contained, no heat during spring or fall, no hot water, security issues ect.)
  • Routine - Work usually completed within 5 days (eg. Lights out, reasonable accommodation requests, general repair ect.)

All work requests are required to be submitted to the office, either by phone or email.
If by phone: 207-324-6747
If by email: info@sanfordhousing.org
Email must include Full Name, Phone # , development or street address and apartment #, Nature of problem (Be specific)

If your request is either an emergency or urgent matter please do not use email to submit your request.

Emergency and Urgent work requests must be called in by phone at 207-324-6747 during business hours. After hour or weekend emergencies contact the on-call maintenance person at 1-866-390-9922. The on-call maintenance person will respond within an hour to assist, Emergencies needing a faster response such as fire, police or a medical emergency should be directed to 911. Certain after-hour emergency/ urgent work requests are subject to charges (eg. Lock-outs, tenant caused damages ect.)