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Who We Serve

The Sanford Housing Authority helps address the housing needs of more than 900 families and individuals in Sanford, Springvale, Alfred, Shapleigh, Acton, Lebanon, North Berwick, Wells and Kennebunk. We offer housing in properties we own in Sanford and Springvale, and we administer housing vouchers for nearby communities. Applicants must have incomes at or below 80 percent of the area median income in order to qualify.

Currently we have a waiting list that could result in a three-year wait.

Our Mission

Sanford Housing Authority’s Mission is to provide safe, quality and affordable housing for eligible populations in need of assistance and to promote opportunities for growth and development of residents, as well as our community.

SHA Award

Community Award

Sanford Housing Authority recently received a "Making A Differance Award" from Waban in Sanford. Waban provides support services to children and adults living with disabilities.

Waban's Deputy Director Gervaise Flynn made this presentation on May 21, 2022 during that agency's 51st annual Tele-Fest Fundraiser. The annual award is given to local businesses, organization and/or individuals who have made a difference, by supporting the communities of Sanford and Springvale and by supporting Waban.

We'd like to thank Waban for this award - and for all that they do to help community members!

Current Projects

This year’s projects include making repairs to the elevators at Sunset Towers. We are also expanding the parking lot in order to provide more handicapped parking spaces. This funding comes from our Public Housing budget for capital improvements. This year we received $298,780 in capital fund grant money through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

We have a development account that allows us to renovate or construct homes that we sell for affordable prices. We work with the city of Sanford to buy tax-acquired buildings through the city’s Land Bank Authority. Proceeds from sales go back into the fund. This year we will be constructing a new single-family home on State Street in Sanford.